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My precious by shadsonic2
Main Characters by PokemonKid16
My precious by shadsonic2
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Main Characters by PokemonKid16
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Sword Art Online
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Sword Art Online -  Lyfa Signature/Banner by KaiserNazrin
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Movie Night by FlyingRabbitMonkey
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Melancholy of Haruhi
Movie Night by FlyingRabbitMonkey
Junjou Romantica
Movie Night by FlyingRabbitMonkey
Steins Gate
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The Girl Who Lept Through Time
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Darker Than Black
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Tiger Bunny
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Black Cat
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Movie Night by FlyingRabbitMonkey
Movie Night by FlyingRabbitMonkey
Movie Night by FlyingRabbitMonkey
Movie Night by FlyingRabbitMonkey
Hateful Boyfriend
Movie Night by FlyingRabbitMonkey
Movie Night by FlyingRabbitMonkey
Fate stay Night
Saber and Rin by screwston12
Zero No Tsukaima
Saito Hiraga by screwston12
Shakugan no Shana
Yuji Sakai by screwston12
Yuji sakai by screwston12
Chiffion Fairchild by screwston12
Chiffion Fairchild by screwston12
Taiga and Ryuuji by screwston12
JoJo's Bizare Adventure
What A Beautiful Duwang by BlueRiser
Attack on Titan
The sleeping titan by LarkNyaunyau
Mikasa as a hedgehog in Attack On Titan by 34romeothehedgehog15
look what i got in mail..... by 34romeothehedgehog15
AOT/SNK - Mikasa Flashback Scene by kimmy916
Detective Conan
Tegami Art No.24 .:Shinichi Kudo:. by SakakiTheMastermind
Tegami Art No.23 .:Toshiro Odagiri:. by SakakiTheMastermind
Date Alive
Date Alive -- Kurumi Wallpaper by KaiserNazrin
Com-Haster 2 by OrionPax09
Vengeful Devil #1 by OrionPax09
MC SOE Beach Party - Misato by OrionPax09
Watanuki - Whisper of a Butterfly [rough] by XxYaoiIsMyDrugxX
To Love-Ru Darkness
Lala Deviluke by Natsu9555
Tsubasa Fan Page by markdean2012
kuro-puu broke the lever by markdean2012
Deadman Wonderland
Minatsuki [DW] by 0Eka0
Run Time Manga
Girls with the hoodies by Hono-Atomi


1. No inappropiate language unless it is a direct quote with a source from an anime.
2. If you submit artwork, please submit to Feature. i have been having problems with allowing others to submit to those folders.
3. There will be no more than our current Co-Founders. I trust in these 3 absolutey to help me run this group and to help make it as best as possible.
4. Before you send an affiliation request, please check to make absolute sure that it has to do with anime first. Since we are entirely dedicated to it, lets keep it that way.
5. If you wish to say that someones favorite anime is stupid, or riducle them for who there favorite character is, then please contain those arguments to notes or a private page, not through the group. it makes us look bad.

Any Inability to follow Rule number 5 will result in the penalty of Demotion if at a rank higher then members, or expulsion if AT members lever. The other rules are merely in place to keep this place organized and clean.

the rest are still being made.




:iconkuroshitsujiguild: KuroshitsujiGuild We love fanart! :icondragonball-romance: Dragonball-Romance Dragonball Couples Supporters :iconkuroshitsuji-club: Kuroshitsuji-club Kuroshitsuji Fanclub :iconkinky-yaoi: Kinky-Yaoi Let's Get Kinky, Boys! :iconfairy-tail-fc: Fairy-Tail-FC home of FAIRY FEST :iconfairy-tail-destinys: Fairy-Tail-Destinys We are Fairy Tail! :iconmugiwarapirates: MugiwaraPirates One Piece! :icondragonslayersfc: DragonSlayersFC ~Dragons & 7 Dragon Slayers :iconfairy-tail-mages: Fairy-Tail-Mages We ARE Fairy Tail! :iconforeverfairytail: ForeverFairyTail
Ok, everyone, im going to revive this group! i apologize for being away so long.

Being a grown-up left me little time, but im managing it better now.

First up, one of our Co-Founders left, so theres a spot there. Send me a personal note if your interested in filling that spot.

Next up, i want to add a new contributor to the mix to make an even 6.

Finnaly, our logo is out of date. So i want to have a kind of "contest" to make a new one. Just make sure it has our name in it, and it pertains to Anime in some way shape or form.

On another note, ill be going through all of our items to make it pertain to an actual folder. I will be clearing out the feature folder so that people can find their fav anime images a lot faster.

Have fun, everyone, and keep up the hard work on your images!
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Group Info

this is a group for the Anime Otakus and there artwork. any artwork about anime, and any anime lovers, are welcome to join this Otaku club, made by Kid-Kun and Fate-chan. no bad mouthing, cursing, or being plain stupid and retarded, or ridiculing others favorites anime. for arguments, contain them to elsewhere.
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I don't know if you do this or not (promoting collaborations) but I've got a coloring collab (Digimon is the anime) going on that I am looking for people, info is here if you do [link] I
I only have a few more spots left and are looking to have a complete finished collab piece.
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send me invite, please. Button doesn't work.
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for some reason it says i can only add to the featured folder and under the rules it says to add to specific galleries? anyone else having this problem?
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Hi All, Please Join to in my Role Play Group based in Sword Art Online, ALfheim Online and Gun Gale Online. Join Us!!

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